House Sparrow

Passer domesticus - Moineau domestique

Moineau domestique
♂ adult breeding
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Linnaeus, 1758

  • Size
    : 18 cm
  • Wingspan
    : 25 cm.
  • Weight
    : 30 à 39 g

13 years

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Description identification

House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) is a species of bird in the Passeridae family.

Subspecific information 12 Subspecies

  • Passer domesticus domesticus (w and n Europe through n Asia to ne Siberia and n Japan, introduced in the Americas, South Africa and Australia)
  • Passer domesticus balearoibericus (s Europe. except Italy. to c Turkey)
  • Passer domesticus biblicus (Cyprus, n Israel and nw Jordan to w Syria and se Turkey to nw Iran.)
  • Passer domesticus hyrcanus (se Azerbaijan and n Iran)
  • Passer domesticus persicus (c Iran to w and s Afghanistan)
  • Passer domesticus indicus (s Israel and s Palestine through Arabia and east to India and c Southeast Asia)
  • Passer domesticus bactrianus (w Turkmenistan and ne Iran to w China and nw Pakistan)
  • Passer domesticus parkini (nw and c Himalayas)
  • Passer domesticus hufufae (ne Arabia)
  • Passer domesticus tingitanus (nw Africa)
  • Passer domesticus niloticus (Egypt)
  • Passer domesticus rufidorsalis (Sudan and Eritrea)

Foreign names

  • Moineau domestique,
  • Gorrión común,
  • Pardal-dos-telhados,
  • Haussperling,
  • Házi veréb,
  • Huismus,
  • Passera europea,
  • Gråsparv,
  • Gråspurv,
  • vrabec domový,
  • vrabec domácí,
  • Gråspurv,
  • varpunen,
  • Huismossie,
  • pardal comú,
  • Gráspör,
  • wróbel (zwyczajny),
  • mājas zvirbulis,
  • domači vrabec,
  • Домовый воробей,
  • イエスズメ,
  • 家麻雀,
  • นกกระจอกใหญ่,
  • 家麻雀,

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Forest : Temperate, Subtropical/Tropical Dry ; Shrubland : Temperate, Subtropical/Tropical Dry, Subtropical/Tropical Moist, Mediterranean-type Shrubby Vegetation ; Grassland : Temperate, Subtropical/Tropical Dry ; Wetlands (inland) : Permanent Rivers/Streams/Creeks (includes waterfalls), Bogs, Marshes, Swamps, Fens, Peatlands ; Rocky areas (eg. inland cliffs, mountain peaks) : ; Artificial/Terrestrial : Arable Land, Pastureland, Plantations, Rural Gardens, Urban Areas, Subtropical/Tropical Heavily Degraded Former Forest ; Artificial/Aquatic and Marine : Irrigated Land (includes irrigation channels)

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